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Onliner is #1 ecommerce platform in Belarus. Our role is keeping it alive with the front-end appearence according to the new business challenges.


During the latest 2 years the strategy of the project has changed: top management decided to spread their ambitions onto the other sectors of web market. Onliner today is not only the biggest ecommerce project but is the best place where people read news and discuss actual events.

These changes where not easy to handle, but the result just shifted the expectations. The designers did a good job to place everything that is needed on the landing page while our front-end people gave the implementation that works stable on different platforms and browsers.

Main page

Creating a new landing page was our first big job for onliner. The management was 100% satisfied, the audience absorbed the changes easily and the ROI and bounce rate followed it all in a positive way.

No surprise our team got involved in forthcoming updates of the project. We got down to a number of tasks including creating a new Blog section.


The project of this size is constantly growing and changing, the process never stops.

We are currently in process of building a new LESS framework as well as performing the ecommerce sections redesign.