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Euroset is #1 retailing corporation in Russia. It sells electronics, gadgets and other hi-tech stuff that makes people happy. The company gains $5B cashflow annually with its 4.600 retail points all over the former USSR. This web project helped the corporation to increase the cashflow by using the ecommerce power. Around Digital performed the front-end production.


It is extremely important for a project like this to pay attention to every little part of a single web page. Even small problems with graphics or non-critical javascript bugs influence the visitors satisfaction, that results in ROI decrease, that is a problem for every kind of business.

So it's no need to say that we did our best to make the project work fine on different browsers and operation systems.

Main page

Since we had it all ready we got down to troubleshooting and small tweaks. We spent a week for that and had 19 editions in total.

The project was created for AERO.